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A Community that Cultivates Entrepreneurs

Andrew DeNooyer | KzooConnect

Kalamazoo could be described as an incubator community for entrepreneurs with new ideas, innovations and a place for unique business practices to succeed and thrive.

One such business is the 633 Group, a real estate development and management company that has built a team who have adopted an economic mindset. They not only want to provide the right space and properties - their focus is on relationships that help make business collaborations as successful as possible.

Andrew DeNooyer is the newest entrepreneurial spirit of the 633 Group team who joined his father Craig DeNooyer, the CEO/Head Strategist in making a difference in the world of real estate development. Andrew quickly put to work his analyzing skills that make him a valuable team member helping clients solve problems, so they can turn their ideas into successful ventures.

DeNooyer shared, "Our team is what makes us unique. We like to understand our clients' business and what drives them in order to create the best partnership we can. We take this holistic approach to help create space and develop ideas that foster successful business ventures for our clients."

Growing up in Kalamazoo, DeNooyer went on to graduate from University of Michigan with a degree in business finance and marketing. He then worked a couple of years outside of the community, including an internship at Adidas in Portland, Oregon and then in Grand Rapids for Meijer's corporate headquarters in merchandising and inventory management. The good news... he always knew that he'd find his way back home and couldn't be happier with his choice.

"To me it's home. And family is here. I love this community so much. And it's so nice to see Kalamazoo growing with opportunities I've never seen before."

Kalamazoo has seen major growth in the past few years and DeNooyer believes in part it has to do with the economy improving in general. Not unlike the rest of us, he also sees something special going on here that makes our community unique, and that's the people living and working here.

Entrepreneurs are known for initiating and managing change. DeNooyer shared how his experiences outside the city helped formulate his fresh point of view and enhance his skill set.

He has now been part of 633 Group team since October of 2017 helping to carve out innovative ideas that vary from the traditional real estate property management focus. It's his belief that personalized and customized services are now becoming highly sought-after by business professionals. The idea of having trustworthy relationships with people who truly have your success as their main priority is priceless. It's about discussing the client's what-ifs that make it possible for the 633 Group to tap into ideas that transform a space into something special.

Empowering individuals and providing trusted partnerships is a number one priority for this company. The dedication to their customers' success is where their passion rests and is what sets them apart.

"Nothing is more fulfilling than to be able to provide a property for a business owner and then help them in making it the most successful business they possibly can," said DeNooyer.

Kalamazoo harbors many opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

"There are so many business opportunities and tons of talented business professionals that are accessible - making it a great environment to start a company." DeNooyer went on to add, "There are great, accessible community leaders here, which is a pretty unique thing for West Michigan in general, but certainly in Kalamazoo."

All these attributes combined make the 633 Group and DeNooyer as a young entrepreneur feel that they are located in the perfect community to take an experienced family business to the next level. That's why entrepreneurship isn't just something they ended up doing - the 633 Group and team have a drive and passion for it, and they want to see Kalamazoo continue to grow.

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