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So much art, so little time; start with these events


There is no shortage of theatre and stage attractions in Kalamazoo. With a wealth of beautiful facilities for productions, concerts, and more, the problem often becomes deciding which events to attend.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of where to take in a performance and what event to attend Kalamazoo.

Miller Auditorium

On Oct. 27, humor writer David Sedaris will bring his scalding wit and observant satire to the stage. Come prepared to laugh and think at the same time.

A show for the ultimate Floyd fan, The Pink Floyd Experience will replicate the lights, sounds, and experience characteristic of a Pink Floyd live show on March 14.

Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

In celebration of the KIA's 90th anniversary, Lasting Legacy: A Collection for Kalamazoo will highlight more than 100 pieces that have helped establish the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts as the finest regional art museums in the country. This show is on display through Dec. 7.

Ending just a month later, Double Take: Artists Respond to the Collection will feature 30 Kalamazoo-area artists' take on an existing piece in the KIA's collection. The new interpretations will be on display through Jan. 4, 2015.

The Civic Theatre

Based on Pete Townshend's iconic 1969 rock concept album, The Who's Tommy will be presented Jan. 23 through Feb. 7, 2015. This pinball-playing, rock production barely needs an introduction. Get your tickets ASAP!

Bilbo Baggins fans take note. The story of your favorite goblin- and dragon-fighting hobbit will take the stage right here in Kalamazoo. The Hobbit will be staged Feb. 20-27, 2015.

Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra (KSO)

Bah Humbug all you want about how quickly Christmas is approaching, but don't miss this annual KSO event. The Sounds of the Season performance on Dec. 20 is a tradition to behold.

Perhaps best known for his late 80s hit "Don't Worry, Be Happy," vocalist and conductor Bobby McFerrin will conduct the KSO for a night of George Gershwin's pieces. Visit the KSO for tickets to Bobby McFerrin Takes on Gershwin on Jan. 30, 2015.

Fontana Chamber

With a rich, 500-year history, Vienna Boys Choir: Christmas in Vienna
is a performance worth checking out for yourself. Boys ages 10-14 will share classic holiday songs with the audience at Chenery Auditorium on Nov. 30.

Julliard-trained pianist Kris Bowers will bring his trio's genre-dabbling jazz stylings to Cityscape on Feb. 20, 2015. Event tickets will include a three-course dinner and one-of-a-kind jazz selections.

Black Arts and Cultural Center (BACC)

Partnering with the Great Lakes Acoustic Music Association, the BACC will host a meet and greet artist reception for the Ebony Hillbillies on Oct. 23, the night before they take the stage at Chenery Auditorium.

Oct. 24 through Nov. 2, the BACC will present August Wilson's The Piano Lesson. Set in 1936, the play focuses on a family heirloom and the historical significance it holds for a pair of siblings after their family's rise from slavery.

So what do you think? What performance stands out to you on this list? Which productions would you add? Tell us below in the comment section.

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