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Bakery Round-Up

Bakery Round-Up

It does not matter if it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we believe that a baked good is an essential part of a delicious meal. With that in mind, we present to you a short list of some fantastic bakeries that call the Kalamazoo area home.

Victorian Bakery

Our list starts with a name that most locals should recognize. As a member of the Bread Bakers Guild of America, it should come as no surprise that the Victorian Bakery has built a reputation as a cornerstone of Kalamazoo’s food scene. Some of our favorites include the Kalamazoo sourdough, raspberry oat bars, and the buttermilk biscuits.

Layla’s Cool Pops

Featured on a recent blog post, Layla’s Cool Pops began as a fourth grader’s economics project, but soon transformed into a successful neighborhood business. With a menu that features cupcakes, cookie pops, and more, proceeds from Layla’s Cool Pops support Layla's Sweets4Homeless Initiative, a nonprofit working to eliminate homelessness.

Bert’s Bakery

Whether it is for a child’s birthday party or a wedding celebration, Bert’s Bakery has the perfect cakes to commemorate any event. Patrons can select from dozens of flavor combinations, while expert pastry chefs ensure that each cake is decorated to look as good as it tastes. Need some proof? Check out some of these examples.

Sarkozy Bakery

Since 1978, Sarkozy Bakery has proudly served delicious breads, quiches, pastries, and more to happy customers throughout Kalamazoo. In that time, the bakery has amassed a loyal following that spans generations. Did we mention they also provide insightful “Locally Sourced Ramblings”?

Renzema’s Bakery

The next time you are asked to bring buns to a family picnic or neighborhood cookout, make sure to check out Renzema’s Bakery (Renzema’s). In addition to some of the best pastries in town, Renzema’s offers hamburger buns, sub buns, and breads that make a good sandwich great!

La Azteca Bakery

For the penultimate bakery on our list, we have an Edison Neighborhood establishment that specializes in authentic Mexican pastries and breads. At La Azteca Bakery, customers can expect delicious churros, conchas, pan dulce, and tres leches cakes.

Boonzaaijer Bakery

We end our journey at the corner of Cork and Burdick streets with Boonzaaijer Bakery. A family business since 1961, this bakery specializes in Dutch-made recipes that are sure to delight. Make sure to stop by on the weekends for fresh fruit shells and Oliebollen.

That concludes our bakery roundup. As always, please let us know of your favorite bakeries in our Facebook and Twitter comments.

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