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Bookstore Breakdown

Bookstore Breakdown

There is really nothing quite like a good book. They record history, take us to fantastic worlds, broaden our minds, and assist in our growth as human beings. With that being said, let’s examine some of the bookstores that you can find in and around Kalamazoo.

this is a bookstore & Bookbug

Recognizing that books represent the broadest scope of our community, this is a bookstore acts as an independent outlet that welcomes readers of all backgrounds. Bookbug serves as a resource that removes economic barriers for children’s literature and education. Together, these establishments help foster an interest in reading from childhood to adulthood.

Michigan News Agency

Known as “one of the last newsstands in the United States,” Michigan News Agency has been a Kalamazoo fixture since 1947. Patrons can browse thousands of magazine titles, half-a-million paperback books, and a variety of newspapers. Michigan News Agency also orders requested hardcover books each week!

Rocket Comics

Based in Portage, Rocket Comics (Rocket) has cemented itself as a mainstay of comic culture in southwest Michigan. In addition to providing past, current, and future issues of the comics you love, Rocket also hosts artist signings and other events. For those that are looking to regularly purchase comics, contact the store’s pull list.

Kazoo Books

With more than 40,000 new and used books as well as a catalogue of 125,000-plus audiobooks, Kazoo Books provides readers with literature from a variety of genres. The store is also a proud supporter of local authors and a member of Buy Local Greater Kalamazoo, Great Lakes Independent Booksellers, and American Booksellers.

Friends of KPL

Who would’ve thought that a library would be a great place to purchase gently used books at affordable prices? At Friends of KPL, patrons can purchase children’s books, hardbacks, paperbacks, fiction, nonfiction, large print, CDs, audiobooks, DVDs, sets, collectibles, and more. Generous souls can donate books to Friends of KPL by calling (269) 553-7950.

We hope this breakdown was as fun for you to read as it was for us to write. Please share with us some of your favorite local bookstores in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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