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Meet 61st District State Representative Brandt Iden

State Representative Brandt Iden

Newly-elected State Representative Brandt Iden's (District 61, R) advice to young people looking for a job in Southwest Michigan includes taking advantage of work-readiness programs, internships, and on-the-job training. It also includes exploring new opportunities, finding your passion and following it.

His mission is to ensure that all of those things can happen in our corner of the state.

"My goal, and the goal of my House Republican colleagues, is to ensure that young people have opportunities for putting down roots here in our state," said Iden. "Continuing to grow jobs and our communities as attractive options for these young people is essential and this requires ensuring that our small businesses have a fair and level playing field from which to grow their business and prosper."

State Representative Iden was first elected to serve the 61st District (Portage, Oshtemo, Prairie Ronde, Schoolcraft and Texas Township) in the Michigan House of Representatives in November 2014. He was born and raised in Battle Creek and moved to Kalamazoo to double major in political science and economics at Kalamazoo College. It was there that he became involved in politics and served as chair of the K-College Republicans. He went on to work with the Kalamazoo Chamber of Commerce on political issues and participated in candidate recruitment.

"I had the great opportunity to serve on the Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners beginning in 2010 and was privileged to represent Texas and Oshtemo Townships as their County Commissioner," said Iden. "Now, I have been bestowed the honor of serving a greater portion of Kalamazoo County at the state level. Hard work and perseverance are the backbone of any campaign and I continue to bring that work ethic everyday as I represent our community."

Iden is also President of Identity Management and Consulting, Inc., a property management firm.

With its tremendous potential for both economic vitality and its artistic, creative, vibrant community life, Kalamazoo County is an extremely attractive option for young people who want to stay in Michigan to live, work, and raise a family.

"I chose to serve this area because it's a diverse community with amazing cultural, artistic, and economic opportunities that not many communities of our size have," said Iden.

Being an avid outdoorsman, Iden personally enjoys skiing, hunting and fishing. Southwest Michigan provides all of the resources for outdoor hobbies all year long.

What has been the most satisfying part of representing the 61st District of Michigan? For Iden, it is connecting with the people. "Being able to engage on issues that matter to them and to have the opportunity to work on these issues is both humbling and rewarding," said Iden. "Connecting with our community is easily my favorite part of serving as a State Representative. Every day, I'm afforded the opportunity to do things like read to school kids, work with college students, or engage with seniors. It's energizing to engage with so many unique individuals!"

To contact State Representative Brandt Iden, visit his website.

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