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Capitalizing on The Gift

Jared Coleman

This past Monday, Kalamazoo Public Schools students returned from their winter break and set out on the second half of the school year. To commemorate this occasion, we wanted to add another chapter to our Promise Alumni Series and get to know Jared Coleman!

A 2014 graduate of Kalamazoo Central High School, Coleman had made his decision on which college he wanted to attend but wasn’t sure about which major he wanted to pursue.

“I chose to attend Western Michigan University (WMU) because I wanted to stay local,” he said. “I had heard about how WMU’s supply chain management program was highly ranked and decided to pursue it.”

During his time at WMU, Coleman worked different internships in a variety of industries in order to find a career field that would satisfy him. It was during his senior year that he finally found his passion via an internship with Bronson Healthcare (Bronson).

“I knew that a career in a consumer goods or automotive industry wasn’t for me,” Coleman shared. “With healthcare, I felt that I could make a positive impact on others as well as grow personally.”

Today, Coleman serves as a Surgery Contract Specialist for Bronson.

“My role is to examine, vet, and monitor all contractual agreements within the organization as well as externally with manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers,” he explained. “The areas I oversee include general, robotic, vascular, and cardiac surgery.”

A natural fit for project management, Coleman also acts as the co-chair for Bronson’s Value Analysis Committee. As a part of this team, he provides cost analyses and forecasts for new products that Bronson wants to add into their system. In other words, he helps ensure that the right decision is made when introducing new products.

Now pursuing a Master of Business Administration from WMU’s Haworth College of Business while also working full-time, Coleman is grateful for the opportunities gifted to him by The Kalamazoo Promise (The Promise).

“Being given the opportunity to go after what I wanted to without the stresses of college debt meant a lot to me,” he stated. “When you don’t have to worry about debt looming you can really focus, apply yourself, and network with others.”

For Coleman, this opportunity held extra meaning as he had seen his mother deal with the financial burden of pursuing both an undergraduate and master’s degree at WMU.

In his words, “The Promise was an opportunity that I knew I had to capitalize on. Education is a key that helps you unlock your full potential and it wouldn’t sit right with me if I wasted it.”

We admire your hard work and dedication, Jared. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

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