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Entrepreneur and Vicksburg Native Waters His Roots

Chris Moore

A hometown identity can be a powerful thing. No matter how far you travel or where a career takes you, there will always be elements of where you grew up in your personality.

For Chris Moore, CEO/President of Concord Technologies, founder of Old Stove Brewery, and Vicksburg native, his hometown roots serve as a badge of honor that he proudly sports.

Currently residing in Seattle, Moore feels there is a sense of identity that separates Kalamazoo area citizens from the pack.

“Kalamazoo people have more identity and pride about being from Michigan. It is more pronounced than other states,” he said.

“The Pure Michigan campaign works, and there is something about Michigan pride that sets it apart. There is lot of pride in saying that you’re from Kalamazoo, more identity than transplants have that are following a job. Vicksburg and Kalamazoo are my foundation.”

It is this foundation that has led Moore to the creation of two successful Seattle-based businesses, Concord Technologies and Old Stove Brewery.

Concord Technologies is known throughout the country for their innovations within the healthcare industry. Aside from increasing the efficiency of workflow using automation, Concord’s cloud-based management of data allows for the interoperability of healthcare systems.

Located within Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market, Old Stove Brewery has won several noteworthy awards, including Seattle’s Best Brewery Taproom for 2018, and intersects craft brewing with harmony and happiness.

Despite the success that he has found in one of the nation’s fastest growing hubs, Moore is always thinking about where he started.

“I’m a huge fan of all things Kalamazoo. In Seattle, I always wear a Kalamazoo hat, and named my brewery after Kalamazoo Stove company. I gave one of my employees who is from The Ivory Coast the book ‘From Kalamazoo to Timbuktu’ as a gift for his son. He loved it and continues to proudly wear any Kazoo gear that I bring back,” said Moore.

With ties like these, it only made sense that Moore would want to give back to his hometown. In July 2018, Moore bought the former Vicksburg paper mill and plans on turning the space into an attraction for people and businesses called The Mill.

With a proposed $50 million investment in The Mill, Vicksburg has a chance to return to the bustling community that Moore grew up in.

“I want to be a part of making things better and creating an even more active community,” said Moore. “I’m upset that there are not more jobs and that downtown isn’t bustling as much as it was when I was a kid.”

“People from this region deserve a variety of nice restaurants, coffee shops, retail shops, cool things to do, and good jobs. That is really important to me,” he said.

For Moore, giving back to the community that shaped him into the man he is today only made sense.

“My family, friends, and history are still in Vicksburg and that makes me want to do something to make it awesome,” he said. “Carrying on a legacy that was started by grandparents, parents, my friend’s parents" it matters! I have a unique ability and the resources to do something. I would be a bum not to do something.”

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