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Calling all Coffee Lovers - Coffee Rescue is on its Way!

Coffee Rescue

It might shock you to know that approximately 150 million Americans drink coffee daily. And what's more crazy to think about- is that equivalates to about 400 million cups of coffee.

Well in today's land of coffee shops, how do you stand out amongst your competition? In Kalamazoo where coffee and food trucks are embraced, you combine the two and you get a thriving business called Coffee Rescue.

"Coffee Rescue was born out of necessity in September 2012," said owner and Portage native Jamie Brock. A close family member was experiencing several major challenges at once, so the family pulled together and created the business to provide flexible employment.

"My brother got the idea from his time living in Maryland and experiencing the convenience of having coffee and snacks delivered to his office," said Brock.

"Coincidentally, in September 2012, Kalamazoo also began allowing food trucks." Brock went on to share that, "Coffee Rescue was one of the first food trucks established." Brock later bought the business from her brother in April 2014.

Brock saw the opportunity to continue and expand the business in Kalamazoo. Having attended Kalamazoo Valley Community College and graduating from Western Michigan University, she had some mentoring from area small business owners, that helped her launch and sustain the business.

Coffee Rescue can be spotted in their unique 'ambulance' like truck delivering to local busy professionals at area businesses, providing java for meetings, or in the park for Lunchtime Live. They also participate in the local outdoor food markets.

"We have everything that that a bricks and mortar coffee shop would have, but we bring the café to you!" shared Brock. Coffee Rescue is also available to cater for special events and parties based on individual likes and needs.

"Kalamazoo has really embraced the food truck culture over the last four years," said Brock. "Our community is diverse, progressive and supportive, which is perfect for entrepreneurs and start-ups alike."

Coffee Rescue is best known for its Caramel Mocha Frappe, a blended drink with whip cream and chocolate on top. They also offer smoothies during the summer, caramel apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes in the fall, and peppermint mochas in the winter. In addition to drinks, Coffee Rescue carries muffins, cookies, donuts, brownies, krispy treats, toasted bagels, cinnamon rolls, seasonal fresh fruit cups, and more.

"As any small business owner will tell you, it's a 24/7 commitment, but the little successes along the way make it all worthwhile," said Brock.

Still, she does make time for unwinding. Brock's hobbies include painting acrylic on canvas, building/maintaining websites, playing Magic The Gathering with friends across the country, league bowling, taking road trips, and going to summer concerts to name a few.

Most of all she enjoys being near her family and friends and loves the community. "Kalamazoo has always been personified by creative, progressive people who admire uniqueness and are not afraid of change, which creates fun and excitement at every turn," said Brock.

Need help keeping your staff lively call Coffee Rescue to help. For more information and to follow their adventures visit their Facebook page. And if you need a unique gift for a coffee lover check out their online store.

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