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Dressing for the Holidays at Work

Alyssa Gapske

Alyssa Gapske is a marketing specialist at Western Michigan University’s Haworth College of Business. Read more about Alyssa’s professional background on her KzooConnect profile. She also is the writer and face behind Glitter and Grey, a personal style blog.

"What should I wear?" It's a question I hear often. I've always been interested in how clothing looks and makes people feel, and everyone from friends to family, and coworkers to peers, have taken notice.

This time of year I often get the question of how to dress for holiday work parties. Before we talk about fun ways to get dressed for the season, let's cover two guidelines I always follow in regards to getting dressed for work events.

  • Fit, it’s important to be comfortable! You won’t enjoy yourself if you’re worried about how your outfit is fitting, or if you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing.
  • Many professional environments dictate how you should dress for the occasion. It’s important to follow the recommendations and stay respectful to the organization’s wishes for the atmosphere of the event. When in doubt, Google is a great resource for when you might run into dress codes you aren’t familiar with.

Now that we have some of the rules out of the way, let’s get dressed!

During the holiday season, it’s not uncommon to see that most people lean towards dressing in colors such as red, green and black. I personally do love a bright red during the holidays! But don’t forget that there are many other colors that make for gorgeous holiday outfits.

The holidays are the perfect time to experiment and have a little bit more fun with outfits, so why not try a bold color combination. This year I’ve loved pairing bright cobalt with emerald green, or burgundy with my favorite poppy red.

If bold colors aren’t your thing, that’s okay. Blush pink paired with camel or gold, is a subtle color combination that’s huge this season. If that’s still too much, remember navy is a great alternative to classic black that still looks polished while adding a little bit of color.

Along with color, I also love sparkle and shine, and now is the perfect time to incorporate some shimmer into your wardrobe. There are so many ways to do this. I love glittered shoes, beaded bags, scarves, and jewelry with plenty of shine.

I also love some of the subtly shiny accessories available for men. This is a great time of year to wear a tie with metallic threading, accessorized with a fun tie clip. Don’t forget that shining your shoes also goes a long way when completing your outfit!

If you’re looking to keep your look classic and don’t want to play with color or sparkle try playing with different textures. Fringe, fur, animal prints, velvet and leather-like details, are fun, modern options that add texture and interest to an outfit. Personally, I view leopard prints as a neutral and love to pair it with classic and bold colors alike. The big trend in menswear now is knit or wool ties, which brings an extra visual interest to any suit!

At the end of the day it’s important to not take dressing for events too seriously. Getting dressed for any occasion should always be fun and a reflection of your personality.

Enjoy the holiday season with your friends, family and colleagues, and don’t forget to follow along at Glitter and Grey for more outfit inspiration regardless of the season!

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