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Go Ahead - Fritter Your Fall Away

Fritters - Brian Stone at Wesco

You know the moment. It’s when a place deep inside calls out for that extra something sweet. Maybe it’s on the way to work in the morning or with some friends late at night. It’s that craving for something more than just a donut. And with fall and cooler temps on the way, an apple fritter is probably exactly what you need.

The tasty and satisfying combination of tart apple, cinnamon, and sugary glaze of an apple fritter is well, like a party in your mouth. After crowd sourcing the best places to find an apple fritter in Kalamazoo, I spent my summer engaged in flavorful research.

Fritters from Harding's Friendly Market

My first stop, because of its proximity to home, was Harding’s Friendly Market on Riverview in Parchment. I’ve been getting apple fritters here for years. You have to get there early or they are gone for the day. Made fresh every day in their bakery, sometimes the apple fritters have disappeared by 7:30 a.m. Soft, warm, and with chunks of apple, their apple fritter is certainly worth making the trip to Parchment.

Imagine my surprise when Facebook sent me to the Wesco gas station in Plainwell. Imagine my surprise when the apple fritter I found there was really good. I mean, worth the trip really good. Instead of a gas station that happens to serve food, the Wesco is really a donut shop that happens to sell gas. Conveniently located just off of the highway, keep the Wesco in mind the next time you are heading north on 131!

With locations in Battle Creek, Plainwell, and two in the Kalamazoo area, you are never far from a Sweetwater’s Donut Mill and all their delicious goodness. A staple in Kalamazoo, Sweetwater’s is open 24 hours a day. This means your cravings for an apple fritter can be met regardless of the time. Bring a friend, however. Sweetwater’s fritter is the biggest you will find in the Kalamazoo area. During one stop, my boys and I split the fritter three ways and still had some left over.

Fritters from Sweetwaters Donut Mill

A quick note to you non-fritter donut lovers out there. We also have two Dunkin’ Donuts in the area and for a wide variety of creativity check out Peace, Love and Little Donuts in Portage.

With Fall just around the corner, it is once again apple fritter season. Well, to be honest, in my world it is always apple fritter season! Go get something tasty and comment below letting us know what you think. We also want to know where you go to get your apple fritters. Hit us up on Facebook and Twitter to share your fritter insight as well!

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