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Greenleaf Hospitality Group Provides More than Hospitality in Kalamazoo

Greenleaf Hospitality Group

Greenleaf Hospitality Group (GHG) has for years worked to serve the Kalamazoo community, as well as the guests at the Radisson Plaza Hotel and Wings locations.

GHG offers an unmatched choice in world class hospitality from their services in hotel lodging and events, to retail, dining, and entertainment. This same enthusiasm for service can be found in their volunteer efforts throughout the Kalamazoo community and through healthy workplace initiatives. Known for their excellence in talent and service, GHG's commitment to engagement, community, and sustainability is now gaining attention.

In 2015, GHG received multiple awards starting with the Carlson-Rezidor Responsible Business Award for 2014. Along with the recognition came a $5,000 check which was donated to the Kalamazoo Valley Habitat for Humanity.

Don Jones, Kalamazoo Valley Habitat for Humanity Executive Director, said, "We are grateful for the volunteer service and corporate support of our Greenleaf Hospitality Group partners. This gift will help Habitat provide more housing solutions in our community."

GHG also has been host to multiple volunteer events with organizations such as Ministry with Community, Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes with GHG-wide invitations sent out every few months.

As part of GHG's focus on employee health their Wellness Program encourages their associates to make healthy choices in multiple ways including a reimbursement program. Regardless of position, all GHG associates are reimbursed for physical activity and exercise expenses, including classes, gym memberships, and even fitness equipment. They also host an annual Health Fair, blood drive and a skin screening.

In 2015, GHG was one of 36 national organizations awarded the American Heart Association s Gold Fit-Friendly Worksite and Worksite Innovation Award in recognition of their dedication to promoting and rewarding healthy lifestyle choices. This award is given to those meeting criteria that include offering employees physical activity support, an increase of healthy eating options at work, and promoting an organization-wide culture of wellness.

GHG is also recognized as the number one contributor to Clean the World, a non-profit program that recycles discarded soap products to impoverished people worldwide. The Radisson Plaza Hotel donated an astounding amount of material for this program in 2014 including 618 pounds of used soap and shampoo, distributing 2,358 bars of soap, recycling more than 133 pounds of plastic, and providing more than 352 plastic bottles to countries in need.

In other areas of environmental sustainability, they continue to meet standards of using environmentally-friendly cleaning products and energy efficient light bulbs along with recycling and towel re-use programs.

Tim Rayman, the Kalamazoo Radisson General Manager and Director of Hotels, praised the efforts of GHG associates saying he feels, "very proud of the efforts from the team to get out and volunteer in our local community, to be a strong mentor to KRESA students program, and collect and recycle the bars of soap and plastic bottles that are left behind when our guests depart. It's a complete team effort and our team is passionate about their involvement."

GHG is committed to the welfare of the Kalamazoo community and recently hosted its bi-annual Employee Appreciation and Family Event inviting associates and their families to a Kalamazoo Growler's baseball game and a Kids Play event prior to the game.

As one of the sponsors of the team this year, GHG selected two children from a local family who was facing difficult times to participate in the Growler's "Ultimate Ballplayer Experience."

At the game, the kids will become Growlers for the day, taking batting practice with the team, hanging out in the dugout, having their names announced with the starting lineup, and serving as bat-boy and girl for the game.

During National Volunteer Week GHG offered associates the opportunity to participate in a volunteer event of their choice while getting paid. Some associates initiated Downtown Clean-Up where employees walked around downtown Kalamazoo picking up trash and debris.

As one GHG associate said, "Everyday my agenda is always filled with so much to do: work, fitness, cleaning, and lots of every day responsibilities. It feels great to be able to set aside time to give to someone else, to be able to empower someone else, and to be able put someone else before myself. It is easy to make every day about yourself, but when you take time to think about someone else - to give to someone else it makes that day so much better. Volunteering has taught me to remain humble and always carry the attitude to serve."

The inherent drive of Greenleaf Hospitality Group to support and encourage the well-being of its employees and the community is obvious through their many partnerships and programs. The positive and growing response of GHG's associates in their desire to participate in these activities has strengthened GHG's resolve to continue to further develop programs already in place and encourage associates to find new ways to help Kalamazoo continue to be a great place to work and live.

The KzooConnect Team congratulates Greenleaf Hospitality Group for its achievements and community-minded attitude. We love seeing local companies connect with the community in generous and giving ways!

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