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Interrupting Life's Monotony

Interrupting Life's Monotony

Life is about making memories and trying new things. Routines are great, but we sometimes find ourselves stuck in our ways and hesitant to try something different. To help inspire our readers to branch out and explore the road less traveled, we put together a list of exciting activities that may help interrupt life’s monotony.

Learn to fly

If the lyrics of cultural monolith Sugar Ray’s 1997 hit “Fly” resonate with you then that means two things. One, you have a great taste in music. Congrats! Two, getting a pilot’s license may be something you are interested in. Luckily for you, Kal-Aero Flight Instruction provides flight lessons in an environment that is safe, professional, and fun!

Climb a rock wall

Although not as vertically daunting as flying, rock climbing is a relatively safe way to tempt fate while getting in shape! Climb Kalamazoo gives patrons a place to grapple, edge, and mantel their cares away. It is also a great setting for an outing with a group of friends or a team-building exercise with coworkers.


Once you’re done laughing in the face of gravity, why not unwind with some glassblowing? Located in the Park Trades Center, Glass Art Kalamazoo has a variety of classes at affordable prices. Not comfortable with the glassblowing process? No worries, just enroll yourself in a Happy Hour class so the talented artist can make your design!

Escape a room

The beauty of escape rooms is that they offer us a chance to escape from the shackles of life’s routines both literally and metaphorically. Esoteric yet shallow observations aside, Escapology is a great destination for your next friends’ night out. With room themes that include Under Pressure, Lost City, and Scooby-Doo your intellect is sure to be tested.

Ride in a hot-air balloon

When we began writing this list, we did not expect it to take a turn for the aeronautical. Isn’t it funny how plans change? Anyway, a hot-air balloon ride through the skies of Kalamazoo is within the realm of possibility thanks to Michigan Balloon Corporation - Kalamazoo. They offer standard rides, pilot lessons, champagne flights, and even proposal flights! As if the views weren’t enough, riders can also expect a surprise once they land.

We hope this list saves you from rewatching Seinfeld on Hulu for the hundredth time, or whatever it is you usually do after shambling home from an arduous day at work or school.

Know of any other routine-breaking activities? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and Twitter!

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