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Kalamazoo by the Slice, a Pizza Roundup

Pizza Roundup

If you haven’t noticed, we get stoked about sharing what makes Kalamazoo unique. In the past, we have made short lists about our city’s craft beer scene, a selection of coffee shops, picturesque nature walks, and even holistic health options. It was only a matter of time until we focused on Kalamazoo’s pizza offerings!

Bimbo’s Pizza (Bimbo’s)

Our list begins with a tried-and-true Kalamazoo favorite. For more than six decades, Bimbo’s has combined a timeless recipe with a friendly atmosphere. Customers have access to a variety of toppings and sizes as well as frozen and pre-cooked options for a fun dinner at home with the family. The service does not stop there, Bimbo’s also provides top-notch catering for events big and small.

Benny DiCarta’s (Benny’s)

A block away from Bimbo’s, you will find a pizzeria that is new to our community. Known as the “home of the Virginia slice,” Benny’s came to downtown Kalamazoo in October 2020. Since opening its doors, customers have raved about its 28-inch pies and generous slice sizes. This proves that the concept of “less is more” does not apply to pizza.

Papa Pete’s

Known as a favorite among the college crowd, Papa Pete’s features a rotating menu of specialty pies that includes the BLT Pizza and The Cuban. Patrons can also order their favorite beverages from the bar and unwind to live music. With warmer weather and vaccinations on the way, Papa Pete’s is sure to be a popular destination in the coming months.

Jaspare’s Pizza and Italian Foods (Jaspare’s)

Since 1977, Jaspare’s has served award-winning pizza to customers throughout southwest Michigan. Our favorite item on the menu is the Sweet Memphis pizza. We know the focus of this list is pizza; however, we would be remised if we did not recommend trying one of Jaspare’s pasta dishes or subs the next time you visit.


Could this be a legitimate Kalamazoo pizza list if we left off Bilbo’s? We don’t think so. This Hobbit-themed eatery has been around since 1976 and has gained a massive customer base over the years. While it’s hard to choose just one favorite from Bilbo’s, ours would have to be the Pizzookie. After all, you can’t beat pizza for dessert.

Geno’s Golden Pizza & Pub (Geno’s)

We end our list with a pizzeria that has served Parchment for decades. Whether your appetite is big or small, Geno’s is sure to satisfy your needs. We recommend our readers try the Pickle Pie or the Mamma Geno.

That concludes our short list of local pizza options around the greater Kalamazoo area. Are there any pizzerias that we missed? Share with us in the comments or on social media.

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