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Kazoo Books Provides Community Resource

Kazoo Books 2021

Book clubs, writer’s groups, poetry enthusiasts, and other community-based groups can run up against the challenge of securing meeting space to share ideas and hold discussions. Kazoo Books is doing their part to provide a space to welcome groups and provide support to such clubs.

Owned and operated by Gloria Tiller, Kazoo Books is an independent, locally-owned bookstore that offers a wide selection of quality new and used books as well as book ordering services.

Since 1988, Kazoo Books has built a reputation for having a vast inventory ranging from new bestsellers to vintage collectibles. They provide a diverse selection of books, serve as an advocate for local businesses and authors, and support the local community.

Located on Parkview Avenue in Kalamazoo, Mich., the store has over 4,000 square feet of retail space which includes rooms that are available to be used as group space.

“One of the rooms we have includes a fireplace, another is more of a classroom type,” Tiller explained. “When the weather is nice, we have also had groups use our outdoor area.

“If people don’t want to host a book club or meeting in their homes, they might have to rent a room or buy a meal to have a public space. We are able to provide that space.”

Kazoo Books can also assist book clubs in selecting their next title or finding an obscure book.

“We are happy to do the research for book clubs to see what books are available, make recommendations, and order copies that we don’t have in store,” Tiller said. “Our staff is trained in locating hard-to-find books.”

While its specialty is books, Kazoo Books strives to be an asset to the community in multiple ways.

“We definitely don’t limit use of our space to just book clubs,” Tiller said. “We want to be a community resource for various groups needing meeting space. We can accommodate all types⁠ - we have had nonprofits hold board meetings here, social groups, etc.”

In addition to the multiple areas where meetings and events can be held at Kazoo Books, there is a kitchenette to accommodate for potlucks or refreshments. The coffee maker is always on with filtered water.

Those making their way to Kazoo Books to find their next great read or to hold a meeting or get-together should note that while the storefront is located on Parkview Avenue, the entrance and parking for Kazoo Books is located off of Book Alley, which runs behind the building.

If you are looking for more information you can contact Kazoo Books online or give them a call at 269.553.6506. Also make sure to follow Kazoo Books on Facebook for news and announcements.

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