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Livening Up Lunchtime in Kalamazoo

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It is important to recognize summer’s simple pleasures. Whether it is a rainbow cascading through the sunlit sky after a heavy downpour or lying down in the grass and listening to the birds chirping, there are countless ways to slow down and appreciate the season. In addition to these summer activities, the City of Kalamazoo has created a way for its occupants to get outside and enjoy the gifts of summer each week.

For the last six years, Kalamazoo has been able to enjoy seasonal offerings of a different kind with Lunchtime Live! If you are unfamiliar, Lunchtime Live! can be best described as a perfect combination of local food, art, games, and summer weather.

From 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. food trucks, specializing in a variety of cuisine, park alongside the southern end of Bronson Park. Over the event’s lifespan, different vendors have populated South Street. Blue Plate Food Truck, Bomba’s, and Freddy’s Food Hut are just a few of the names that attendees have come to expect.

While people may come to Lunchtime Live! for the delicious food, they stay for the entertainment and relaxing atmosphere. At the stage on the west end of the park, visitors can enjoy music from local artists while they eat. These showcases have been known to host a diverse range of musicians and are a great way to introduce homegrown acts to a larger audience.

If a more active experience is what you’re looking for, fear not! Lunchtime Live! has fun games for people of all ages. From Connect Four to cornhole, attendees have several options to help them unwind from the pressures of the day.

With all of these activities combined into a weekly gathering, Lunchtime Live! is truly special for the city. However, the true beauty of the event lies in its ability to establish a stronger sense of community throughout Kalamazoo.

Residents of downtown have been given an extra incentive to leave their homes or offices in order to socialize with their neighbors and take in the warm, summer weather. Experiences like these are priceless, which is why Lunchtime Live! has had such a positive impact!

With the final event for this summer taking place on August 30, there is still time to observe the citywide comradery that is Lunchtime Live! So be sure to make plans for this summertime staple!

Interested vendors can register online at Kzoo Parks or by calling (269) 337-8191.

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