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Local Market Love

Local Market Kalamazoo

In the past, we have talked about restaurants, shops, and entertainment options that make Kalamazoo such a special place to live. This week, we wanted to do something a little bit different and highlight excellent market options that exist within our community.

So, without further ado, let’s get acquainted with some of our area’s local markets.

Committed to offering customers a full-service shopping experience and promoting local vendors, Midtown Fresh opened during the summer of 2018 and is located in the Midtown Marketplace property on South Westnedge Avenue. Customers have access to fresh produce, sushi, and coffee from the Midtown Coffee Café.

Midtown Fresh Full

The Park Street Market has been a staple of the Northside neighborhood for nearly a decade. Situated on the corner of North Park and West Ransom, the market’s location provides Northside residents with a local grocery option that is affordable and convenient. Additionally, the Park Street Market offers event catering for any occasion!

This next entry has the distinction of being the oldest market on our list. With roots tracing back to the mid-1800s, the Kalamazoo Farmers Market has built a reputation off of providing a transparent resource for purchasing organic products. A great place to meet vendors from your area, the Kalamazoo Farmers Market serves as a space to interact with neighbors you may have never met otherwise. The market’s months of operations are from May through November.

Downtown residents rejoiced when City Centre Market opened its doors during the fall of 2019. Located on the Kalamazoo Mall, this store has become a popular lunch destination for downtown’s working crowd. This popularity is in part thanks to a robust selection of both hot bar and salad bar options, as well as delicious smoothies, baked goods, and essential groceries.

City Centre Full

Last, but not least, is downtown Kalamazoo’s newest market on the block, MOMA (Market on Michigan Ave)! Described as a specialty store, MOMA possesses all the amenities of a delicatessen, butcher, grocer, and wine store combined. Shoppers can spend their time perusing shelves for the perfect merlot or ordering a delicious sandwich while they wait on a prime cut of meat from the deli. In addition to these features, MOMA is backed by a friendly staff that is eager to assist you with your shopping experience!


Any community would be lucky to have even one of these fine establishments, which is why Kalamazoo is so fortunate to have such a vibrant local market scene. Don’t just take our word for it though, get out there and visit each of these fantastic options for yourself!

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