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Nonlinear Plans

Hannah Reinhold

College isn’t just about learning new career skills; it’s also where one discovers who they are and what they value. In this week’s post, Kalamazoo Public Schools alumna Hannah Reinhold shares how college helped her discover a career path she enjoys.

After graduating from Loy Norrix High School in 2013, Reinhold went on to attend Michigan State University (MSU). Having participated in both cross country and track as a student, she hoped to earn a degree that matched her athletic background.

“I always had great experiences with my coach and teammates,” Reinhold recalled. “I hung out in the workout room a lot in high school, so I became interested in athletic training.”

With a goal in mind, Reinhold set out for East Lansing to begin her education. Upon her arrival, she began discovering different learning opportunities. Ultimately, she decided on a degree in kinesiology.

“When I decided on going to MSU for kinesiology, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pursue a career in physical therapy or occupational therapy,” she said. “I ended up learning a lot about occupational therapy and decided to pursue that path.

“You can do almost anything in the occupational therapy field,” Reinhold explained. “You can work with nonprofits, gyms, clinics, or even the arts.”

In 2017, Reinhold earned her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Looking back, she is thankful of the lessons she learned at MSU.

“MSU spurred my passion to look into research and drove me to continue my education at the next level,” Reinhold said of her time as a Spartan.

Now pursuing a master’s degree in occupational therapy at Western Michigan University (WMU), Reinhold can look back at her years as an undergraduate in appreciation. Looking forward to the future, Reinhold sees herself either owning her own practice or working through a university.

After all the wonderful twists and turns she has faced during her secondary education, she has some advice for current Promise Scholars.

“College is good for you, there are so many different opportunities to pursue,” Reinhold explained. “It gives you the experience and communication skills you need for the workforce.”

Sometimes the career paths we take are nonlinear, and that’s ok. Just be sure to use your opportunities to find what makes you happy. It’s admirable to see how you’ve used The Kalamazoo Promise to follow your passion, Hannah. Best of luck on your journey!

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