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Put a Little Love…and Donuts…In Your Heart

Peace Love & Little Donuts | KzooConnect

Peace, Love & Little Donuts. The name really says it all. You'll immediately get a feel good vibe when you walk through the door, inspired by the bright colors and tie-dye shirts and the cornucopia of donut options to choose from. It instantly puts you in a great mood! Ah… and the smell of the freshly created donuts made continuously throughout the day will surely send your senses soaring even higher!

I caught up with Brodie Hock, General Manager, to learn the story behind the little white house on Westnedge Avenue. The idea behind Peace, Love & Little Donuts (PLLD) came from a friend who knew about the franchise and its history of philanthropy as part of its business plan. This is only the second location in Michigan, but there are several in the Pennsylvania and Ohio areas, and they reach as far south as Florida and as far west as Oregon. Valley Family Church decided to purchase the franchise in order to help their ministry efforts by donating all profits to worthy causes. Hock, a pastor at VFC, has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so taking the helm of the franchise was a no-brainer for him. But his path to get here has had a few curves. Luckily for Kalamazoo, he has found his home in our community.

Hock, originally from Saginaw, made his way towards Kalamazoo
when he attended Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids. Hock shared, "I moved to the area in 2007 for a management position at a local golf course."

Hock then decided to attend RHEMA Bible Training College in Tulsa, OK, to continue his education and it was there he met Meghan, his future wife. Hock shared that Kalamazoo became their permanent residence because, "I got engaged and my beautiful bride lived here. So I moved here before getting married."

Upon moving back he put his bible school training into action taking on the position of Executive Pastor of Media Tech at Valley Family Church. Through PLLD, Hock has been able to tie his work at the church into doing more good for Kalamazoo.

"All the profits of Peace, Love & Little Donuts goes to support outreach programs of VFC like Friday Groceries, Haiti Orphanage, Scholarship kids for summer camps, and more," said Hock.

Excited to have an impact on the residents of Kalamazoo, Hock shared, and "The donut shop has been a big hit! It's a blast to have a business that is fun and friendly and provides the community with a bright spot in their day!"

We found that they offer over fifty bright spots, literally! The 50+ donut options at PLLD are divided into three categories: "Groovy, Far Out and Funkadelic." Prices range from .85-$1.35 per donut and they are able to accommodate large orders, even offering price breaks, so the "Disco Party Box" that holds 36 donuts of your choice might be the right option. PLLD also offers catering for office functions, birthday parties or meetings. They can even do weddings! Oh and don’t forget the coffee. Everyone knows awesome donuts deserve great coffee, and Peace, Love & Little Donuts doesn't disappoint, using Sozo coffee beans roasted locally in Ionia, MI. The owners of Sozo are also busy doing good for their community by tying a portion of their sales of products to good causes, so it's a win for everyone!

What should others know about becoming an entrepreneur? Hock said, "Work hard and don't be afraid to step out in faith and try something new. The community in which you choose to start a business should be one you believe in as well." For example Hock went on to say, "Kalamazoo and its surrounding areas are so unique! It is a great place to live and it is very apparent it is a great place to raise a family and is a community ready to thrive."
Right on, Brodie!

Is it time for you to get your donut groove on? Experiment by making a donut run soon to Peace, Love, & Little Donuts and share your favorite with us on KzooConnect.

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