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Promise Team Spotlight - Stefon Hemphill

Stefon Hemphill

Time and time again, we explore the role that The Kalamazoo Promise (The Promise) plays in connecting Promise Scholars with careers after they have graduated from college or trade school.

As Workforce Coordinator, Stefon Hemphill helps connect Promise Scholars to their future careers. Let’s get to know him better in our latest Promise Team Spotlight.

A graduate of Loy Norrix High School, Hemphill attended Western Michigan University (WMU) and earned a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management and a master’s degree in Public Administration with a concentration in Non-Profit Leadership.

Professionally, Hemphill has worked in the human resources departments at Michigan Works! Southwest, Whirlpool, and the City of Kalamazoo. In August 2021, he joined The Promise team.

In his role at The Promise, Hemphill works alongside Sarah Klerk on workforce development. One of his primary functions is connecting Promise Scholars to paid internships in Kalamazoo. He is a key contributor to Higher Promise, The Promise’s next big initiative.

“We just launched Higher Promise and we want students to get involved,” he revealed. “It is a direct pipeline that connects students to businesses right here in Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan. Life after college can be scary and overwhelming; Being able to minimize those fears and maximize the successes is what Higher Promise is all about.

“With this announcement, Promise Scholars will no longer have to search and build connections themselves, but instead Scholars can reach out to The Promise and we will do the rest. The employers are excited to have the local talent, and we are excited to connect students with the opportunity.”

Hemphill takes great pride in assisting Promise Scholars with their career journeys. He sees it as an opportunity to grow our city’s talent pool.

“I think the most exciting part of my job is building up the city of Kalamazoo through recent graduates,” Hemphill shared. “A lot of organizations want to make an impact, but that is an everyday goal here at The Promise.”

When not making an impact, Hemphill spends his time volunteering in the community, walking his dog, and rooting for the WMU Broncos.

Thanks for introducing yourself to the KzooConnect audience, Stefon! We appreciate your work and cannot wait to see what kind of opportunities The Higher Promise creates for Promise Scholars.

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