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The Best Damn Sport and Social Club + Bar Wars

Best Damn Sport and Social Club

Guest Writer Katie Travilla fell in love with Kalamazoo when she moved here in 2009 to attend WMU. She and her fiancé are now growing roots here, and are happy to call Kalamazoo home.

If you're looking to be a part of a fun, non-competitive sports club, The Best Damn Sport and Social Club (BDSSC) is new to Kalamazoo and is welcoming all people ages 21 and up to join. Teams play a game (currently dodgeball) for one hour each week, and afterwards are invited to gather at the partner-bar across the street, Back Alley Saloon. There the camaraderie continues where you can enjoy food, drinks and Bar Wars. Bar Wars is an hour of continued fun that is included as part of the league fee and is where teams continue playing games (ranging from corn-hole to beer-pong).

Two like-minded individuals and cousins, James and Arthur created the Best Damn Sport and Social Club (BDSSC). In June of 2016, while maintaining full time careers, the duo (who both wanted a weeknight out of fun and games in their adult lives) knew other people in Kalamazoo might just be looking for the same thing. Within six short months they had the club up and running, with six teams playing dodgeball in the first league.

"We started this to have fun. We both have full time jobs and aren't looking for anything new. We just were focused on having fun, getting together, and playing games we haven't played since we were kids," shared James.

This new sport club is different; it's not for the competitive, knock-'em-down type of player -nope, not at all. The focus is on having fun, getting exercise, and being social. That's it. No anger or arguing allowed!

Each league lasts seven weeks and concentrates on one sport that is played throughout that period. The sport played will vary depending on the time of year. Current interests and sports include dodgeball, kickball, flag football, softball, and more. All games will be played on a consistent weeknight and place throughout the 8-week league. Location may change depending on sport and time of year.

Team member Lisa Williams shared "We come together Thursday evenings, meet people, and have fun together playing dodgeball. It's very casual. There's a mix of people; it's just men and women getting together on a Thursday night to have fun and be social." She went on to explain that after the game that they play mostly play beer pong, and recently been interacting with some people at the bar, gaining a lot of interest.

The price to play? Forty-five dollars gets you into 7-weeks of league play guaranteeing fun for two hours every week. Priced competitively, the cost of includes a free team t-shirt, BDSSC swag throughout the session, trophies at the end of league play, and an hour of Bar Wars each week.

James and Arthur shared that they will always be looking for ways to keep their prices as low as possible so as many people as possible have the opportunity to participate.

So how do you get started? The first league started this January, and the new teams are playing an hour of dodgeball Thursday evenings at Softball Fans (off Sprinkle Road). With the great turnout, the BDSSC will be running another dodgeball league after this 7-week session is over.

So, what do you do on a typical Thursday night? If it's something more boring than dodgeball, bar wars, or socializing, think about signing-up and possibly falling in love with this sport and social club! The next dodgeball league plans to start March 9, 2017 and will run through April 27, 2017.

Never too old to play, the minimum age is 21 and the BDSSC makes signing up easy on-line. There you’ll have a choice of making your own team or joining an existing one. And they can accommodate putting friends all together on a team - so no worries.

So think about how great it would be to gather old friends and meet new people, while being active and having fun. The only requirement that the Best Damm Sport and Social Club has is that to join you must be 21 years of age or older and be able to follow three main rules; (1) have fun (2) be social (2) and no arguing!

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