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Promise Team Spotlight - Amy Terzino

Amy Terzino

A healthy workplace environment is crucial to an organization’s success. Today we are continuing our Promise Team Spotlight series with a staff member who helps preserve the organizational values at The Kalamazoo Promise (The Promise). Meet Amy Terzino, The Promise’s Culture Operations Manager.

“My role at The Promise is to support the staff and help develop the culture of our organization,” said Terzino.

Drawing from her 21 years of professional business experience, Terzino is constantly working to find new ways to improve and grow The Promise.

“I’ve seen work cultures that don’t succeed, where you can’t express ideas,” said Terzino. “At The Promise, we want a culture that is safe, inspiring, and compassionate. We want it to be a joy to go to work every day.”

Originally from the Midwest but most recently a transplant from California, Terzino and her family moved to Kalamazoo in pursuit of her spouse’s job and to be closer to family.

“I started with the United Way to get myself immersed in the community. This is how I met some of the leaders and wonderful organizations in Kalamazoo and eventually found my dream job at The Promise,” said Terzino.

Since joining The Promise team in 2015, Terzino has seen the responsibilities of her dream job expand alongside the organization itself.

“When I started, I came in to support both The Promise and Communities in Schools of Kalamazoo (CIS),” Terzino recalled. “We were a staff of two and a half. I was responsible for administering The Promise and interfacing with CIS.

“I had the opportunity to see our work through the CIS perspective. Observing all the challenges that students face when accessing The Promise helped me support the work we do. It was and still is a privilege and a joy.”

Terzino is reminded daily of the organization’s impact as seven former scholars are now her coworkers at The Promise.

“I love having graduates of The Promise working on our staff. They are amazing and their passion is really great to watch,” Terzino stated proudly. “We are now a staff of 13 and have incredible talent. It’s great to be a part of an organization that is expanding to help students.”

Outside of work, Terzino is a self-described “kettlebell addict” who loves to travel and cook. As a chef, she is appreciative of Kalamazoo’s robust restaurant scene.

When asked what her favorite options were, Terzino replied, “I’m inspired by the chefs at Principle and I love Martini’s, especially when they have live music. The staff at Crow’s Nest are like family and the food is pure comfort food. Pacific Rim is also a great resource and their café is amazing.”

Terzino is passionate about The Promise and its mission of helping Kalamazoo’s youth reach their fullest potential. When asked why she liked working with The Promise, the familial atmosphere of the office came to mind.

“I make breakfast for the team monthly. Everyone looks forward to that and it gives me so much joy to do as they are like family. I love my bosses, Bob Jorth and Von Washington Jr. They both demonstrate compassion and integrity,” she said. “The Promise is in good hands with their leadership.”

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