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Tim Streeter - A Journey from His One & Only Kalamazoo!

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Have you ever met someone and wondered where all their energy comes from? Meet Tim Streeter. Originally of Kalamazoo he and his brother Thom began a band in 2010, called the T Street Players. Tim balances a busy job as Global Head of Recruiting at Whirlpool in Ann Arbor and by night there is writing and recording music, video production and marketing. My favorite song of course is (There’s Only One) Kalamazoo, one of the 200 songs written so far. It's a lyrical journey centered on our famous city, inspired by the brother's experiences growing-up.

While trying to get inside Streeter's psyche, it was his infectious passion about so many topics that made me realize where all the energy comes from. He loves music, travel, soccer, his family, friends, his refrigerator, memories of flying the Milham Park rocket ship, and of course, Kalamazoo. A sports enthusiast as a youngster he took tennis lessons at the Maple Street YMCA, was a ball runner for the USTA National Championships, played travel soccer for TKO, and worked at Soccer Zone, and Gazelle Sports. Are you catching my drift yet?

Streeter's dad is from Cato, New York, and mom from Midland, Michigan. They met at WMU and have lived and worked in Kalamazoo since. Both are talented teachers. Streeter obviously benefited from their academic prowess attending Loy Norrix High School, and The Kalamazoo Math and Science Center, followed by Kalamazoo College where he studied Economics and Math. This is also where he met his wife of 20 years, Jennifer, on their first day!

Curious as to what his family thought of his musical career Streeter shared, "My wife was surprised when we first started T Street Players, but is very supportive. She likes the more stripped down acoustic type songs such as Best of The Rest of Our Lives. Our kids don't really care too much about what I'm doing, but at least they're not embarrassed,” Streeter laughs.

Unfazed by his hectic double life, it was interesting to know where Streeter felt his strong work ethic originated. The list of what he considers to be the influence came from some of what he considered when young as the toughest jobs growing-up. They were; being a dishwasher and busboy at Bill Knapps, caddying at Kalamazoo Country Club, being a local paper boy and bagging at D&W.

Now tackling life head-on with enthusiasm and energy, Streeter believes his work has some similarities.

"Both involve a balance of analytical and creative elements and finding the best ingredients (available to all), and bringing them together, in a unique way to create something of value to people."

With such depth and breadth of experience under his belt, Streeter had this career advice.
"Learn what qualities of a job drive the most satisfaction for you, seek out jobs that have those qualities, and stay true to what makes you happy."

The Streeter brothers' music is influenced by a wide range of musical genres and musicians including Coldplay, Prince and The Who, describing their music, as a mix of pop, rock, soul. They also credit their father's love of piano. Streeter described his instruments to include his pencil, voice, and talent for producing and mixing sounds. One of his strengths is his willingness to learn from mistakes, adapt and move on.

Never too old to learn Streeter shared a recent valuable lesson.

"We received a great response to Kalamazoo song, (over 100K views and 3K shares on You Tube and Facebook, 102.5FM and The Lori Moore Show), but the video was pulled for copyright violation. We used some video clips without asking first."

Lesson learned- so they are re-filming and will re-release the song and new video soon.

The T Street Players' music has been featured on some of the major networks like: ABC, FOX, PBS, Discovery, TLC, Oxygen and CMT. The music can also be heard on FM radio, in numerous films and TV shows. And it continues- they have in-store licensing deals that now span 7,500 retailers, hotels and gyms across Europe and have tracks signed to multiple music production libraries. This year they'll be launching their 8th album, 'In the Key of T'. See what I mean, he's really busy!

So what does the future have in store for such an industrious individual?
Streeter wants to make a significant impact at Whirlpool, travel extensively, (he has already visited over 40 countries), write and produce more songs with his brother, and continue to play on his over 40's Blue Leprechaun soccer team - then YES -retire at 55!

And, what do you think would surprise people most about Tim? I expected a musical or sporting response, instead to my surprise it involved spinning.

Streeter shared, "I love Wheel of Fortune, and I visited the studios in LA to watch tapings, and tried out as a contestant when they were auditioning in Michigan, but sadly wasn't selected."

Hopefully, someone reading this will organize a gig for Streeter on Wheel of Fortune, sending him on a journey to spin the biggest of whirligigs, on what would be just part of his wonderful journey that all began - in his one and only Kalamazoo.

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