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Sustainability through Faith Family Farming

Walther Farms hands in field

In his book “Start with Why” Simon Sinek said that regardless of what we do in our lives, our why - our driving purpose, cause or belief - never changes. This is why Walther Farms,
has attracted many talented individuals to the organization, even from other organizations within the agriculture industry, construction industry, and the military services, etc.

The Bible verse Mark 10:45 is dear to the heart of the owners: “for even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” As servants, they lead a company driven by their desire to love and serve others.

Walther Farms is passionate about growing their business and they are very strategic in working to create resources for and place investment in the communities in which they live. With 150 full-time employees, living in 14 communities in 8 different states, the owners actively encourage the teams to seek and complete mission work in their local communities.

In Three Rivers, Michigan where the headquarters is located, the team facilitates the Paw Pack program. In this work, community members (from students to local church groups) support the team every Friday in preparing more than 400 backpacks full of food for hungry students.

In the newest operating state of Charlotte, NC the team facilitates the Operation Sandwich program. In this work, they buy the food and team members personally prepare over 300 sandwiches for Urban Ministry every week - all because one team member saw the need.

Walther Farms’ passion for growth is driven by their desire to serve. “When we lose ourselves in service to others, we grow as individuals. Everyone has God-given talents, and we believe it is our mission to uncover each individual’s talents,” said Mei, Associate Director of Team & Leadership Development.

“We have created effective programs to support the development of our people’s raw talent in order to help them achieve their full potential,” shared Mei. At Walther Farms they also are growing better leaders, better professionals in the craft of food production, and better servants to our neighbors.

The family owned company adopted the slogan ‘Faith Family Farm’, meaning that they support and encourage the development of one’s faith, provide opportunities to build strong families, and support a passion for farming.

Bible verse Luke 12:48 says: “to whom much was given, of him much will be required.” As leaders and as an employer, the company believes in the importance of being good stewards of what they have been entrusted with. At Walther Farms, they are entrusted with the lives of the people they lead.

“We’ve made it our business to continue providing quality jobs and developing better leaders so that our collective work can serve more than we could ever do as individuals,” said Mei.

If you ask them “why did you come to work at Walther Farms?” don’t be expecting a short answer!

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