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Winterized Fun

winter activities 2020

The weather is chilly, the leaves have fallen from the trees, and although we have not had a heavy snow yet, we can confidently say that winter is almost upon us! Here’s a short list of activities to keep you engaged for the chillier months ahead.


What better way to begin this list than with a quintessential winter standby? There are plenty of excellent sledding hills located throughout Kalamazoo. Some of our favorite hills are at Maple Street Magnet School for the Arts, Milham Park, and Woods Lake Park.

For a complete list of the best sledding spots in our area, check out Discover Kalamazoo’s article!

Baking Cookies

Especially around the holidays, baking cookies is a fun way for families to bond. At KzooConnect, we love to bake, and later eat, eggnog cookies, chocolate-gingerbread cookies, and red velvet whoopie pies.

Have any family recipes of your own? Make sure to share them in the comment section!

Writing Letters

With COVID-19 cases rising in our community, there is a chance that the holidays will look different for many of us. Although we may not be able to visit our loved ones in person, we can still let them know we are thinking about them with a written letter. Whether you are writing to an old roommate, an aunt from out of state, or a significant other who you cannot physically visit, a simple letter is a great way to show you care.


Having a hobby is a healthy way to keep one’s mind active and occupied. This winter, we suggest taking up knitting. It not only helps the time pass quickly, but also results in comfy blankets, hats, and scarves that will keep you warm all season long.

For those of you interested in taking up this pastime, we suggest visiting Chicks with Sticks for supplies.

Sitting by the Fire

Let us end this list on a relaxing note. After a long day of sledding, baking, writing, and knitting, we recommend sitting by the fire with a mug full of hot chocolate or eggnog.
What if you do not have a fireplace at your house or apartment? No problem, just crank up the heat, dim the lights, and find a fireplace video loop!

That is all she wrote for our short list on winter activities! We hope it gave you some ideas on how to spend your winter. Feel free to let us know how you like to spend your time during the colder months in the comments.

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