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Introducing KzooConnect

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Kalamazoo: We think it's a good place to be and we want to help you stay connected. KzooConnect provides readers with fun, up-to-date information about people, jobs, and the just plain awesome quality of life the area offers.

With so many things happening in this vibrant city you'll find that we have no shortage of cool people, amazing jobs, and an untold number of reasons people decide to call Kalamazoo home to share with you. Let us do the leg work for you and make us your one-stop shop for all things awesome about Kalamazoo.

To know Kalamazoo is to love Kalamazoo. Our goal is to share the myriad of things we love about the city. Once you see all of the things it has to offer, we're confident you'll love the city as much as we do, too!

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