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Tasty Conversations, Inspiring Connections

Kevin Romeo, Rhino Media

Kevin Romeo has an appetite for entrepreneurship and creativity. The Rhino Media Productions co-founder and owner also his hands in quite a few ventures in Kalamazoo, the city he has enthusiastically chosen to call home.

In addition to his Rhino commitments, the 2006 Western Michigan University graduate co-owns Romaletti Group, directed and produced "The Michigan Beer Film," and works as a photographer and producer. Oh, and by the way, he also has a wife and young daughter to fill the few spare minutes he has in a week.

So why does such a busy, multi-talented person call Kalamazoo home? It's quite simple.

"Kalamazoo is the hub of culture in my opinion, from the music, art, and food," Romeo said. "It just made sense that we would base our operations here. The community understands what we're doing and the local acting talent is strong."

Part of that understanding stems from Romeo and the Rhino team's ability to communicate and stay connected to the people, places, and goings on in greater Kalamazoo. To that end, Romeo purposefully takes the city's pulse using his stomach and his ears.

"We visit as many great food places as possible throughout the week. We're very intentional about trying a diverse variety of food and drink around town," he said. "Food and drink is where great conversations happen."

In case you are wondering, Mexican tacos, shwarma, and beef brisket bbq top the list of the Rhino team's favorite "conversation starters."

Whatever food and table they emanate from, great conversations create a unique type of excitement that only Kalamazoo can offer; excitement that Romeo hopes to help expand.

"We want to expand the meaning of a visual media company in Kalamazoo," Romeo said. "We're looking forward to making fun things happen in our community. Noteworthy, exciting events that help grow people and ideas."

Keep up with Kevin Romeo via his blog Crash On//The Creative Entrepreneur.

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